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The Pathfinder Ostrich Farm is situated in the Chiltern Hills, near Chesham in Buckinghamshire.

The farm was originally an extra curricular educational farm for children with ducks, geese, chickens, miniature cows, sheep and goats etc. The local council told us that we couldn’t do this as it was diversification not agriculture. We are now told that farmers have to diversify to make ends meet.

All our Ostriches are free range and we divide them into small colonies. The Ostriches are fed all year round with a feed produced by an Organic Mill. The feed is a pelleted Lucerne, with no anti-biotics, no growth hormones and non-GM.

We have 16 breading females who can produce up to 70 eggs each every year.

We start incubating eggs in March and finish in July giving the Chicks the best chance to acclimatise to the UK weather conditions, when it is relatively warm.

Each year we rear 200 chicks and at any one time we could have a maximum of 250 Ostriches on the farm.

The incubation of each egg takes 42 days and when the chicks hatch we keep them in an indoor enclosure for a few days, which has to be heated with ceramic heat lamps, as infra-red lamps keep them awake!